Board Members and Coaches

Learn to be quiet enough to hear the genuine within  yourself so that you can hear it in others.”

–Marian Wright Edelman


CNPC Board Team

Sylvia Soholt

Sylvia Soholt

Sylvia Soholt, Co-President

Owner of Sylvan Sanctuary on Vashon Island in the state of Washington, Sylvia supports guests in their quest for creativity while managing and restoring a four-acre forest and providing sanctuary for rescue dogs.

Sylvia also is a sole proprietor of Soholt Strategic Communications where she partners with school districts, state departments of education, universities and educational organizations to build support for high-quality K-16 education.



Barbara Russo, Co-President

Barbara Russo

Barbara Russo

President of Barbara Russo STRATEGICS, Barbara is an Executive/Organizational/Life Coach and adjunct faculty member in New York University’s Coaching Program and The Berkeley Extension, Business and Management Department.

As a facilitator, moderator, workshop and teleconference leader, coach, coach-trainer and speaker, Barbara’s focus is career transition and leadership development. She lives and works in both New York City and San Francisco.



Martha Hahn

Martha Hahn

Martha Hahn, PCC, CPCC

Martha Hahn, Professional Certified Coach (PCC), a senior executive for Grand Canyon National Park, joined the CNPC community as one of its first leadership coaches in 2011 and became a board member in 2015. A resident of Flagstaff, Arizona, Martha has coached leaders and mentored new coaches through her part-time business, The Sage Project, LLC.



Tobi-Velicia Johnson

Tobi-Velicia Johnson

Tobi-Velicia Johnson, MPH

Tobi-Velicia Johnson, MPH, is a Prevention Services Coordinator for the Cook County Department of Public Health. She co-chairs the Northern Illinois Public Health Consortium, STI/HIV sub-committee. Tobi also co-chairs the Illinois HIV Planning Group that provides cultural competency training for public health agencies throughout the state. She has 17 years’ experience in regional and community-based public health administration and case management. She resides in Chicago.



Mary Riley

Mary Riley

Mary Riley, PCC, Executive Director

Founder of CNPC, Mary is a certified coach who retired in 2008 from a 32-year career in public relations and resource development for education, social service, and healthcare organizations on both the West and East Coasts of the United States.

CNPC represents a long-held vision of bringing into being a coaching organization dedicated to working with non-profit professionals throughout the world who have important missions to manifest.


CNPC Coaching Team

Nathalie Bayol, ACC, MBA

Nathalie Bayol

Nathalie Bayol
Paris, France
Training – International Coach Academy
Executive and Leadership Coaching
Emotional Intelligence Assessment
Multi-Lingual (English, French, Spanish)


Catherine (Kay) Blake, ACC


Catherine (Kay) Blake

A Better Life with Coaching and Hypnosis
Long Island, New York, USA
Training – New York University School of Professional and Continuing Studies (NYU- SPCS)
Organization Coaching
Team/Group Coaching
Personal Coaching


Mary Crowley

Mary Crowley, PCC, CEC
Courtenay, BC, Canada
Training – Royal Roads University, the Center for Transformational Presence
Career Coaching
Executive/Leadership Coaching
Team Coaching and Facilitation Leadership
Transition, Work-Life Integration
Performance Engagement/Management


Samantha Dye, PCC

Samantha Dye

Samantha Dye

Juneau, Alaska USA
Training – Fielding Graduate University (MA in Organization Management and Development)
Executive Coaching
Organizational Development



Isabelle Fernandez, AAC


Isabelle Fernandez
San Diego, California USA
Training – ADD Coach Academy
Personal Development
ADHD/ADD Coaching
Business Coaching
Multi-Lingual (English, French, Spanish)




Christine Neilands, PCC, CPCC

Christine Neilands

Christine Neilands

Affinity Leadership Group
Atlanta, Georgia USA
Training – Coaches Training Institute
Career Coaching
Leadership/Organization Coaching
Work/life Coaching



Kathrin O'Sullivan

Kathrin O’Sullivan

Kathrin O’Sullivan, ACC

San Francisco, California USA
Leadership Development Manager and
Internal Coach with Google Inc.

Training–New Ventures West and the Center for Transformational Presence
Management & Leadership Development
Group Facilitation/Coaching
Corporate Training
Executive Coaching
Bilingual (English/German)


Mary Riley, PCC, CTPC


Mary Riley

Center for Non-Profit Coaching (CNPC)
Adirondack Park USA
Training – New York University, the Center for Transformational Presence, and the Mindfulness Coaching School
Life/Work Coaching
Leadership and Service
Resource Development Collaborations


Max Riley

Max Riley, BCC

Center for Non-Profit Coaching
Adirondack Park, NY, USA
Training – Institute for Life Coach Training, Education Leadership at DEPM, University of Oregon
Executive Coaching
Performance Management
Appreciative Inquiry
Servant Leadership



Cherie Silas, PCC

Cherie Silas
Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas USA
Training – Coaches Training Institute
Group/Team High Performance
Culture Transformation
Life Fulfillment
Pastoral/Christian Life



Nancy Terry, ACC, BCC

Nancy Terry

Nancy Terry

A Changing Point: Take Charge of Your Life
Anderson, South Carolina USA
Training – Coach Approach Ministries/InVision
Life Coaching
Health and Faith-based Coaching
Relationship Coaching
Leadership Coaching


Larissa Thurlow

Larissa Thurlow, PCC, CEC
Calgary, Alberta Canada
Training – Royal Roads University
Appreciative Inquiry
Executive Coaching
Leadership Development
Health and Wellness
Employee Engagement/Culture Building

Leadership Consultants

Monica Sanchez, Australia

Monica Sanchez is a Transpersonal Coach and Holistic Nutritionist with 15 years of international experience working for large organizations. Originally from Spain, she currently lives in Sydney, Australia. She is fluent in English, Spanish and Italian.

Jack Smith, USA

Jack Smith is a retired US Naval Aviator with 30 years of experience in leadership and teamwork with dedicated, highly motivated individuals. He has a BS degree from SUNY Maritime College and a MS in public administration from Troy University. Jack currently is a certified county court mediator in the First Judicial Circuit in Florida with 10 years experience in formal conflict resolution.

Marie Josee Smulders, CTPC, Europe

Marie Josee Smulders is a former educator who lives and works in the Netherlands as a coach, trainer and consultant. She serves as a liaison for CNPC clients and coaches based in Europe.


*Certification Designations

The International Coach Federation (ICF) certifies coaches at three levels ACC, PCC and MCC. Most CNPC coaches have attained ICF certification at the ACC or PCC levels through ICF accredited coach training programs or through ICF portfolio applications.

CEC – Certificate in Executive Coaching, Royal Roads

CTPC – Certification from the Center for Transformational Presence

CPCC – Certified Professional Co-Active Coach from the Coaches Training Institute

BCC – Board Certified Coach from Center for Credentialing and Education (obtained by coaches with advanced degrees in psychology and/or counseling who complete an approved coach training program)

AAC – ADD Coach Academy Associate Coach

All CNPC Coaches adhere to the ICF Code of Ethics.


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