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Coaching Strengthens Non-Profit Leaders and Their Organizations
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Personal Transformation: The Greatest Gift You Can Give To Yourself

What Coaching Can Bring to Your Role
From the book Coaching Skills for Nonprofit Managers and Leaders by Judith Wilson and Michelle Gislason (Jossey-Bass 2009)
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CNPC’s Affiliate Partner: The Center for Transformational Presence

The Center for Transformational Presence and its Founder and Director Alan Seale have influenced the work of CNPC.  Coaches Mary Riley, Nathalie Bayol, Nancy Terry, Samantha Dye Mary Crowley, and Kathrin O’Sullivan are graduates of the Transformational Presence Coach Training Program. All of our coaches have done Manifestation Wheel and/or Soul Mission work with Alan. We often use exercises and other materials drawn from this work.  As an affiliate partner of the Center for Transformational Presence, CNPC receives a percentage of the proceeds collected from classes, books, audios and other materials ordered from the Center through the CNPC website. Here is our partner link to the Store:


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