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Coaching Strengthens Non-Profit Leaders and Their Organizations
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Personal Transformation: The Greatest Gift You Can Give To Yourself

What Coaching Can Bring to Your Role
From the book Coaching Skills for Nonprofit Managers and Leaders by Judith Wilson and Michelle Gislason (Jossey-Bass 2009)
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CNPC’s Affiliate Partners

The Center for Transformational Presence

The Center for Transformational Presence and its Founder and Director Alan Seale have influenced the work of CNPC.  Coaches Mary Riley, Nathalie Bayol, Nancy Terry, Samantha Dye, Mary Crowley and Kathrin O’Sullivan are graduates of the Transformational Presence Coach Training Program. All of our coaches have done Manifestation Wheel and/or Soul Mission work with Alan. We often use exercises and other materials drawn from this work.

“CNPC’s mission is to ‘help non-profit professionals increase their capacity for leadership and service through coaching.’ Knowing personally many of the CNPC coaches and having played a significant role in their training, growth, and development in Transformational Presence, I, therefore, know that what CNPC offers to the non-profit world is a deep commitment to truth, to service, and to making this world a better place. CNPC coaches are highly aware, deeply intuitive, and genuinely compassionate. At the same time, they are fully committed to creative, effective, and sustainable action. They are committed to forward movement and supporting leaders and organizations in serving a greater good. I highly recommend CNPC.”

Alan Seale, Director, Center for Transformational Presence
Author of Transformational Presence: How To Make a Difference in a Rapidly Changing World and Create a World That Works

Margaret Rode and Websites for Good

Margaret Rode and her company Websites for Good have been helping guide CNPC through the maze of online marketing and websites since 2011. Part of a small group of individuals who helped get CNPC started, Margaret specializes in working with nonprofit organizations, businesses operating with a larger purpose, and individuals involved in personal/professional development. As such, she has been an excellent fit as CNPC’s messaging and capabilities have evolved into the larger world.

“I work with many nonprofit leaders and organizations, and long ago embraced my role of one who ‘helps the helpers.’ A thread that runs through all of those relationships is this: They want to know that someone sees them, hears them, and has their back. So for years I’ve admired CNPC’s work in helping nonprofit leaders to grow, gain strength, and expand their capacity for growing the greater good through coaching. It’s what drew me to CNPC in the first place, and what keeps me supporting them now—I see their work as critical to helping empower and elevate nonprofits in an era of such great need.”

Margaret Rode, Websites for Good
Small business coach, digital strategist, and author of Storytelling for Small Business: Creating and Growing an Authentic Business Through the Power of Story

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