Experiencing the process of moving through the manifestation wheel exceeded my expectations in terms of the depth and richness of the experience.  I experienced a fundamental shift in how I see myself as a leader. The ability to tap into my core and inherent energy of who I am and what wants to happen is truly powerful.

–Executive Director, environmental organization

Coaching has been very impactful to me over the past year. I have gained a lot of confidence as I’ve moved past some obstacles in my life that have been present for a very long time. I feel so much more equipped now to change negative behaviors and thought patterns instead of just being stuck in these patterns…. I just want to say thank you for making the coaching opportunity available for young professionals like me. I definitely think it has been instrumental in helping me move forward in my career.

–Middle Manager, youth services organization

The biggest and most important way that life coaching has impacted me is by being more intentional and seeing how everything is related. Before life coaching, I didn’t understand that every moment of every day can have greater meaning if you think about the purpose behind it and your attitude while in it.

–Volunteer Coordinator, social services organization